Insitu | Events
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Concept Events

In Situ* specialises in pop-up events that puts your brand or shop in the spotlight in creative, original ways. These signature events are built around a particular brand or theme and the client’s objectives regarding their image, production values or audience numbers.
Event venues are carefully selected according to the target audience. Whether it’s for a private sale, a fashion show, a launch event or a tasting evening, our concepts never fail to surprise and delight.

How we work:

The secret to professional events organisation is to be extremely organised.
We take a highly structured approach to events and prepare for every possible outcome.

1. Research and Design

At the outset of the project, we meet with you to better understand your needs. We then conduct research and brainstorm to create on-brief, original and tailored design concept and communications strategy.

2. Project management and implementation

Once you’ve signed off on the concept, we get started on the organisation and logistics. We anticipate and plan for every possible outcome to ensure that your event runs perfectly smoothly. If you like, we can also work on your event’s communications, by designing a graphic identity and creating key visuals (posters, Facebook content, invitations…), or helping you choose a photographer for instance.

3. On the day

We are on-site the day of your event to ensure that everything goes to plan. We manage every stage of the set-up, from venue decoration to technical equipment.

4. And then?

Our work doesn’t stop just because your event is over! We also remove the set once you’re done.