Insitu | Our Team
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Meet Our Team

In Situ* brings together a talented and multidisciplinary team
to help you achieve your objectives.

Elizabeth DMC Chabert

Founder and Art Director

Fresh from a master’s degree from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, France, Elizabeth began teaching at the Nîmes Chamber of Commerce’s CETEC, where she worked in the Decoration / Merchandising for Commercial Spaces and Event Planning department. She then went on to teach design at the Charles Telfair Institute in Mauritius.

Having realised that she wanted a more creative, hands-on career, Elizabeth founded In Situ* in 2012. The company specialises in visual merchandising and aims to help brands innovate and stand out thanks to their visual marketing. This niche allowed Elizabeth to embrace her inner artist and combine creativity with commerce and marketing with visual arts.

She now specialises in increasing brands’, shops’ and shopping centres’ visibility and exposure and works with business specialists across Mauritius.

As part of her constant quest for new ideas, Elizabeth created My Pop-up Shop, Mauritius’ first nomadic pop-up boutique, which showcases the work of emerging craftspeople and artists. She took the concept ever further with a series of pop-up events on specific themes, including the Gourmet Experience, now an established and much-loved part of Mauritius’ foodie scene.

In addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur, Elizabeth is a keen visual artist and frequently takes part in artistic and cultural projects both in France and Mauritius.

Get to know Elizabeth through the objects she can’t live without

Amrita Kapur

Visual Merchandising Project Manager

Get to know Amrita through the objects she can’t live without

Gervais Gouges

Head of Design

Get to know Gervais through the objects he can’t live without

Sebastien Regnaud

Creative Designer

Get to know Sebastien through the objects he can’t live without

Balaram Ghoorun

Artist & Project Coordinator

Get to know Balaram through the objects he can’t live without

Carlita Latour

Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Get to know Carlita through the objects she can’t live without

Malehka Lagan

Visual Merchandiser

Get to know Malehka through the objects she can’t live without